The Basics

+ Tattoo's take about 2-4 weeks to heal

+ Cling film can be removed 2hr post tattoo

+ A tattoo is a fresh wound so be sure to keep it clean (avoiding dyed and artificially scented products) with warm water and patting dry 

+Don't allow your tattoo to dry out too much! Make sure you apply lotion when needed. Some great products to use:

- Soil Products UK

- Bepanthen Tattoo Cream

+ I'm available if you have any further queries to get in regards to the healing process


+ Avoid overcleaning and moisturising as it slows down healing process

+Do not submerge in water during healing i.e no swimming/avoid long baths

+No scratching or picking at scabs on tattoo! If your itchy use lotion as doing either will have a long lasting damaging effect on your tattoo

+Avoid sun exposure but if unavoidable use spf (50 is best)