'safety first y'all'

We're in the midst of a global pandemic and as a tattoo artist I just want to reinforce how important it is to adhere to government guidelines which you can access by the link below. Although things are opening up slowly, I want to encourage and ensure my clients (both current and new) that they will be tattooed in a COVID safe environment.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance - GOV.UK (

A few things...

- I am officially double vaccinated as of 7th May 2021!

- I am tested regularly for coronavirus (at least once a fortnight) which I am happy to share with anyone who would like to have extra reassurance of their safety

- Personal hygiene is incredibly important for me to be able to tattoo in a safe environment so please make sure you use sanitizer regularly (I'll have some with me if you don't have your own)

- We'll both need to wear face masks ensuring it covers our nose and mouth like the cool dudes we are for the entirety of your tattoo unless you are exempt and can prove this

- I will be resetting my tattoo station/area every 2 hours with a germicide to disinfect equipment and also taking the time to clean all surfaces and my hands. This will not eat into the tattoo time you have paid for (that would be insanely uncool of me)

-If you have any symptoms please stay at home and follow government guidelines! I will reschedule your appointment for you with no additional charge